1–6 giugno 2022


Sport Verona ASD is organizing the first edition of TRANSALP Rando in 2022, a 1,200 km ultra randonnée crossing three countries in the Alps: Italy, Austria, and Slovenia.

In order to share the great event with a larger number of fans, it is proposing a 600 km route at the same time: TRANSALP 600, which is a part of the whole circuit.

“TRANSALP Rando is a hymn to freedom, an immersion in the extraordinary beauty of the Alps”.

Giorgio Murari – Musseu, stray soul

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Transalp Rando

Scopri la 1200 Km.

From Verona, we pedal towards Lake Garda, continue towards Trento and Bolzano, climb east along the Isarco and then enter the Pusteria Valley. In Villabassa we cut the first 300 km; we continue towards Austria along the Drava Valley, then into Slovenia along the Sava Valley and, after skirting the beautiful Lake Bled, we arrive in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital; here the 600 km mark is scheduled.

On the way back we cycle westwards, passing through Tarvisio and Friuli Venezia Giulia, crossing the Monte Croce Carnico Pass to return to Austria. The route takes us again along the Drava and then into Pusteria Valley. From here we climb towards Cimabanche, surrounded by the most famous peaks of the Dolomites. We cross Cortina d’Ampezzo and descend along the Piave Valley. We skirt the Venetian Pre-Alps, passing through Belluno, Feltre, and Bassano del Grappa before the last stretch on the flat.

Beautiful Vicenza, home of Palladio, awaits us before the final arrival in Verona: the great sporting feat is over!

Transalp 600 | 4-5 giugno 2022

Ecco la 600 Km.

The 600 km route follows the Italian section of the ultra-randonnée.
From Verona, the route heads towards Lake Garda, then on to Trento and Bolzano, up the Isarco River to the east, and then into the Pusteria Valley. In Villabassa you cut the first 300 km.
We then head south. We first climb towards Cimabanche, surrounded by the most famous peaks of the Dolomites. We pass through Cortina d’Ampezzo and descend along the Piave Valley, then along the Venetian Pre-Alps. After the welcome of Vicenza, the last flat stretch awaits us to reach the finish line: Verona welcomes us.

Then we head South cycling along the Isarco and Adige valleys until the large and blue Lake Garda. Once there, it’s almost done: still few kilometers and we are finally back in Verona!


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Randonnées are non-competitive cycling sporting events; they require training and are endurance tests. The challenge, however, is with oneself, the other cyclists are fellow adventurers. Randonneurs are stray souls but friendship and helping those in difficulty are values shared by all. You will never be alone and, in case of need, someone will lend you a hand. Very often two or more friends participate together to support each other during the enterprise, which is always a good test of endurance.

Randonnées are open to traffic. The cyclist is expected to travel independently, but there are refreshments at predefined locations.

As far as duration is concerned, there are the minimum and maximum times. The 1200 km route must be completed in 110 hours, the 600 km route in two days, more details later.

presence, which often goes unnoticed, we have planned to make the event jersey in both men’s and women’s versions. The unisex classic is the jersey with narrow hips that only fits men.

The itinerary is mostly on asphalt, but there are also long stretches on unpaved roads with an even surface that is easy to ride. We recommend gravel or racing bikes with suitable tyres. We make sure that you can ride safely, so we choose cycle paths or roads with little traffic. Our priority is to make cycling safe so that you can fully enjoy the scenery and the strenuous adventure.

There will be a refreshment point with food and water every 150 km or so, and fountains along the route will be signposted. We will use biodegradable tableware, no plastic bottles will be provided. From 300 km onwards, there will be places to rest, certainly every 150 km, but also less. Of course, everyone will be able to choose whether to sleep more comfortably in an accommodation, we will try to make suggestions in this regard.

Obviously everyone can organize themselves as they see fit, but there will still be services available to transport small personal bags to various refreshment points equipped with rest areas.

We appreciate solitary randonneurs and therefore registration with a sports association is not required. In order to participate, you will need a medical certificate for stress tests and we will ask you to provide a self-declaration certifying that you are aware of the effort required to complete the route.

Yes, we plan to start pre-registration in autumn 2021. By paying a modest fee you will have benefits for the actual registration.


Save the date: 1-6 June 2022.

Don’t miss the first edition of TRANSALP Rando, an amazing route through Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

If you are not ready for the challenging 1200 km-long route, you can join the 600 km-long route in the heart of the Dolomites.

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