TransAlp Rando friends

Associazione Naz. Alpini – Volontariato

Group of volunteers always available for emergency situations and to support social or sports events.

C.N.G.E.I Verona

The CNGEI (Corpo Nazionale Giovani Esploratori ed Esploratrici Italiani) is the oldest Italian scout association, founded in Italy in 1912 and Verona in 1915.

Centro Kymor

A multi-specialist centre for personal health and well-being. A team of specialists can follow you step by step and take care of you.

Original Lab

Dalla esperienza nella scienza del movimento e dalla necessità e piacere di trasmettere ciò che consideriamo un proposito di vita, nasce OriginaLab – un Studio di Allenamento Fisico Funzionale, dedicato allo sviluppo della persona nella sua intera potenzialità.


APP to plan your routes, navigate safely with the best maps, discover the world with the destination guide.

Ristorante Ai Cigni

The best restaurant and pizzeria in Garda. Tables with a lake view to eat while enjoying the poetry of the big blue mirror.

Savoia pneumatici

Based in Valpolicella, it is the leading company in tyre repair and replacement for cars, commercial vehicles, scooters and motorbikes.


SportdiPiù magazine since 2008 the only magazine dedicated to sport in the Veneto region and its protagonists, also on TV with the All in Sport programme.

Zeropiù academy

Accredited Training Body in the Lombardy Region. School for massage therapy and hydrotherapy operators.


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