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Cral Banco BPM

Corporate club that Banco BPM Group employees can join. It allows them to seize opportunities, obtain benefits and also participate in important initiatives.

Itinera Bike & Travel

Itinera Bike & Travel is a tour operator specializing in bicycle touring. We are passionate about road biking, gravel biking, bicycle touring. We rent quality bicycles (also e-bikes) and organize tailor-made vacations. We can be of support to you in Verona, the Lake Garda area and the Veneto region. We can organize a vacation for you on the TransAlp Rando route with times and stages suited to your legs.

Linz Electric

Founded in 2002 and specialized in the production of alternators and rotating machines, Linz Electric is now a major player in the energy sector in Italy. The creativity and expertise of its designers and highly automated production lines have permitted to develop competitive and winning products and to ensure a high-quality service.


SeTeTrack offers a live track platform and an intelligent GPS-GSM device that allows you to find and track your valuables in real time. Its main areas of use are: racing, ultra racing, mountain rescue, personal use.


It was the brainchild of Giovanni Rana, who in the 1960s, seeing the boom in women’s employment, thought of providing families with fresh pasta the way their mothers at home made it. Pasta is transformed from artisanal, into fresh pasta that Giovanni Rana brings to your home, always of the highest quality. Italian families already loved Rana tortellini when Gian Luca Rana brought good Italian cuisine first to all of Europe and then to America.


A small mountain bakery born in Velo Veronese in 1850, has become a large and modern company while remaining in the Lessini Mountains. A true mountain bakery but capable of bringing the flavours of Made in Italy to the whole world!

Unikarr Carrozzeria

The company was founded in 2008, as a continuation of the skills acquired in the area’s leading company for more than forty years. One thousand eight hundred square metres of activity, completely renovated in its structures and equipped with the most advanced equipment on the market. An Akzo Nobel Coating paint cycle with low environmental impact and ten excellently trained professionals, young, passionate, unwavering fans of the ‘perfect repair’ make Unikarr a cutting-edge body shop capable of responding to any need.

Antolini Mezzi Cingolati

The company was founded in 1990 and over time has divided its activity in the metalworking sector into four departments: machine tools, welding, carpentry and sheet metal cutting and bending. Quality and innovation are the company’s founding values. In 2013, it expanded its production and launched the inimitable Antolini Mezzi Cingolati range. The continuous evolution of the company has made Antolini Mezzi Cingolati the leader in its sector.


Mettifogo makes customized catering products, refreshing and sanitizing wipes, customized sugar sachets, placemats and anything else that will set a special tone for your restaurant.


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