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Cantina Villa San Carlo

On the eastern hills of Verona a few kilometres from the city, Tenuta Villa San Carlo is a vast oasis of unspoilt greenery characterised by vineyards, olive groves and vast islands of pure woodland. Its beating heart is the elegant villa of 18th-century origins that today presents itself with an eclectic neoclassical architecture built in the early 20th century.

Sanity System

Sanitisation systems with ozone for rooms and vehicles, scientifically certified and validated.

Savoia pneumatici

Based in Valpolicella, it is the leading company in tyre repair and replacement for cars, commercial vehicles, scooters and motorbikes.


Mettifogo makes customized catering products, refreshing and sanitizing wipes, customized sugar sachets, placemats and anything else that will set a special tone for your restaurant.

Cral Banco BPM

Corporate club that Banco BPM Group employees can join. It allows them to seize opportunities, obtain benefits and also participate in important initiatives.

Itinera Bike & Travel

Itinera Bike & Travel is a tour operator specializing in bicycle touring. We are passionate about road biking, gravel biking, bicycle touring. We rent quality bicycles (also e-bikes) and organize tailor-made vacations. We can be of support to you in Verona, the Lake Garda area and the Veneto region. We can organize a vacation for you on the TransAlp Rando route with times and stages suited to your legs.


It was the brainchild of Giovanni Rana, who in the 1960s, seeing the boom in women’s employment, thought of providing families with fresh pasta the way their mothers at home made it. Pasta is transformed from artisanal, into fresh pasta that Giovanni Rana brings to your home, always of the highest quality. Italian families already loved Rana tortellini when Gian Luca Rana brought good Italian cuisine first to all of Europe and then to America.


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