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Informazioni generali

TransAlp Rando
1200 km.

General info TransAlp Rando

The Brevets

You can participate in TransAlp Rando with two different sporting objectives, which you can decide according to your abilities. It will be your arrival time that will determine whether you are awarded the RM brevet or the BRI/ARI brevet, or, if you arrive after 110 hours, no brevet at all.

RM BREVET. If you want to pass a demanding test, you can set yourself the target of the 90 hours required to obtain the RM brevet – Les Randonneurs Mondiaux. This brevet is valid for the PBP qualification and is considered by the Audax Club Parisien as if it were a 600 km brevet.

BRI/ARI BREVET. If you want to give yourself a slightly more feasible goal, which still requires serious training, you can obtain the BRI/ARI brevet. In this case, we set a maximum time of 110 hours to complete the route.

IGT BREVET. Both the RM brevet and the BRI/ARI brevet entitle you to participate in the IGT – The Italy of the Grand Tour. The cyclist who completes the IGT by obtaining regular approval in each of the brevets envisaged, obtains the recognition of Gran Randonneur of Italy. The IGT can be completed without time limits in several years.

ITALIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. The randonnée is also part of the Italian Road Championship ARI.

GIRORANDO. The randonnée is included in the Girorando Circuit in the North East. The scoring will be that of the 600 km.

In order to obtain the brevets, it is necessary to have covered the entire route on the planned track, including the cycle paths. It is also mandatory to have stamped the route card at each control. Each cyclist is monitored via the electronic tracker.


It is only permitted to deviate from the planned route for short stretches and for valid reasons. It is also permitted to deviate from the route in the case of needing supplies or to reach one’s own overnight accommodation, as long as you then return to pick up the trail from where you left off. As with any randonnée, during the course of the event you must consider yourself to be on a personal excursion and you must carry out the route in total autonomy, following the rules of the Italian, Austrian and Slovenian highway code. The route is not signposted.


WHEN: May 24 to 29, 2023.

DEPARTURE: from Verona, Piazza Bra, French mode from 19:30 to 20:30*.

ARRIVAL: in Verona, at Villa Guerrina, Via Guerrina, 99 – 37141 locality Montorio.

Please note that the place of departure is different from the place of arrival!

* The Organization, also in relation to the number of participants, reserves the right to provide staggered and spaced departures for small groups so as not to create gatherings. The specific modalities of the departure will be communicated ten days before the event on the basis of the regulations in force regarding the fight against the spread of Covid 19 as well as the specific provisions regarding the holding of sporting events.


ROUTE TYPE: Ultra randonnée (over 1200 km).

ROUTE INFO: Length km 1,200 – altitude difference m 12,000 D+.

HOURLY AVERAGE SPEED and MINIMUM TIME: Maximum hourly average speed km 28/h. Minimum time allowed 43:43 hours.

BREVET RM – TIME OF ARRIVAL: maximum time 90 hours.
BRI/ARI BREVET – ARRIVAL TIME: maximum time 110 hours.

Accoglienza e consegna materiali

To participate in TransAlp Rando, it is mandatory to report to the reception tables at Villa Guerrina, the event’s logistical headquarters, for accreditation operations, preliminary to departure. It is mandatory to hand in the required documentation, pick up travel materials and bring bicycle and mandatory personal equipment for verification.

WHEN: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

WHERE: at Villa Guerrina, Via Guerrina, 99 – 37141 Montorio (Verona).




The 2023 event is the first official edition of TransAlp Rando. Following this, the event will be repeated every four years; the next edition will be in 2027.

The randonnée is organized by Sport Verona, Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica, and is included in the ARI – Audax Randonneur Italia – calendar, and the Les Randonneur Mondiaux calendar.

If the test is completed in 90 hours, an RM brevet is obtained. If you exceed 90 hours but stay within the 110-hour time limit you get a BRI/ARI brevet. If you exceed the maximum time of 110 hours you cannot be included in the finisher lists.

TransAlp Rando is one of the 6 Italian patents included in the IGT Circuit – The Italy of the Grand Tour.


Each participant during the course of the event must consider himself or herself to be on a personal excursion and must carry out the route in total autonomy following the rules of the Italian, Austrian and Slovenian highway code.
The route is not signposted.



For those without their own liability insurance, we propose, as a quick and inexpensive solution, joining Sport Verona ASD to take advantage of liability and accident insurance as an associate. You can join while filling out the randonnée registration. The membership card in pdf format, will be emailed as soon as possible. The sports association membership is valid until January 1 to December 31, 2023.

As soon as we have the 2023 conditions available we will update the policy below attached in pdf version.


  • To be at least 18 years old on the date of the start of the event. There is no age limit but, for cyclists over 75, a medical certificate valid for 6 months is required.
  • It is not necessary to be registered with sports clubs.
  • It is recommended that you have already participated in randonnées of at least 600 km or have experienced similar long-distance endeavors. A 1200 km randonnée requires careful preparation.
  • To be well trained and in excellent health.
  • To be in possession of a medical certificate of fitness to practice cycling, of a competitive type, as prescribed by DM 18/02/1982, or in possession of a medical certificate of fitness to practice non-competitive sports activity, but of high cardiovascular commitment, as prescribed by DM 26/04/2013. The certificate must be registered with the DataHealth system by May 15. Non-Italian cyclists must use this form, approved by DataHealth, for the medical certificate.
  • The Documents can be downloaded in PDF format, here on the side. The main points of the Declaration of Awareness are also summarized in the online registration form, which requires you to confirm your personal assumption of risk releasing the Organizer from any responsibility and burden.
  • Register online and pay by credit card, Pay Pal or bank transfer the participation fee. Bank account info is provided in the registration form. First proceed with registration, after having well read all information documents, and then make the bank transfer.
  • At the time of the event, participants will be required to observe all current measures to counteract the spread of Covid 19; both in terms of possession and display of any Green Pass and the requirement to wear a mask, or whatever. The Organization will keep members informed of the development of the relevant regulations.


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