Brevetti Audax e Italia del Gran Tour

Italia del Gran Tour

IGT – Italia del Gran Tour

The Italia del Gran Tour is a challenge of randonnée cycling events, conceived and promoted by ARI – Audax Randonneur Italia – for the development of the randonneur movement in Italy.

Its purpose is to promote and raise awareness of the entire Italian territory, which is covered by the circuit’s randonnées in large macro-areas.

Six routes with a length of no less than 1000 km are part of the challenge; they are run according to the rules established by the BRM international brevets. They are repeated on a cyclic basis.

To be precise, the IGT consists of four RM brevets over 1200 km and two BRI/ARI brevets, one over 1200 and one over 1000 km.

The cyclist who completes the “Giro d’Italia” by achieving homologation in all six brevets that are part of the IGT is awarded the Gran Brevetto IGT and becomes Gran Randonneur d’Italia. There are no time limits for completing the IGT brevets.

RM Brevets over 1200 km
BRI/ARI Brevets
1001 Miglia
Alpi 4000
TransAlp Rando
999 Miglia
Sicilia no stop
6+6 Sardegna

Participants in the 1200 km can:

• obtain the RM Brevet or BRI/ARI.
• participate in the Italian Grand Tour Brevet.
• participate in the Girorando Brevet.
• participate in the Italian Road Championship.

Brevetto RM

RM – Les Randonneurs Mondiaux is an international association created by the Audax Club Parisien in 1983 with the aim of bringing together national representatives who organise brevet randonnées over 1200 km.

ARI represents Italy within the international LRM association.

Les Randonneurs Mondiaux regulates, approves and homologates the randonnée brevets over 1200 km which are proposed to the national representations by their member ASDs. The Calendar is published annually on the LRM portal.

TransAlp Rando® is one of the randonnées over 1200 of the RM circuit.

The RM brevet is obtained by completing the TransAlp Rando 1200 km randonnée in 90 hours.

Brevetto BRI/ARI

ARI – Audax Randonneur Italia is the only Association in Italy which is entitled to homologate RM, BRM/ACP, BRI/ARI BOR/ARI randonnée brevets taking place in Italy. 

With regard to the RM and BRM/ACP brevets ARI has as its reference the general rules laid down by the international subjects LRM – Les Randonneurs Mondiaux and ACP – Audax Club Parisien.

The Audax Club Parisien regulates randonnée brevets worldwide.

The FCI – Federazione Ciclistica Italiana – recognises ARI as the only subject appointed to regulate the randonnée brevet sector in Italy.

The BRI/ARI brevet is awarded to those who complete the TransAlp Rando 1200 km randonnée over 90 but within 110 hours.

The TransAlp Rando 1200 km is included in the Girorando circuit.

Participants in the 600 km can:

• obtain the BRM/ACP Brevet.
• participate in the Girorando Brevet.
• participate in the Italian Road Championship.

Brevetto BRM/ACP

ACP – Audax Club Parisien is the club founded in Paris in 1904, which regulates randonnée brevets worldwide. It recognises in each country the organisation entitled to coordinate the calendar, enforce the rules and issue homologations for the brevets held in the various forms.

The final homologation of the brevets of the various national Audax is, even today, the responsibility of the ACP – Audax Club Parisien.

The Audax Club Parisien is the sports association that organises the PBP – Paris Brest Paris.

The BRI/ACP brevet is awarded to those who complete the TransAlp Rando 600 km randonnée within 40 hours.

Brevetto Girorando

GIRORANDO nel Nordest is a circuit of randonnées organised in the Triveneto area by ARI. It was born from the idea of incentivising and rewarding the participation of individual cyclists in the various territorial randonnées and to consolidate team spirit.

By registering for an individual event, the cyclist automatically joins the challenge, and consequently so does his or her ASD. Prizes are awarded at the end of the year to those who have achieved a score set at the beginning of the season. Prizes are also awarded to the first 10 ASDs that total the most kilometres with their members.

The TransAlp Rando 600 km is included in the Girorando circuit.

Come sono nate le randonnée e il termine audax

Cyclotourism was born in Italy in the late 19th century. In 1897 a group of cyclists set out from Rome to attempt to ride the 230 kilometers between Rome and Naples in one day, accomplishing what is historically considered the first long-distance cycling excursion made by a group of people. The feat, considered truly daring, was baptized with the Latin term audax; since then audax is the term defining cycling excursions made by groups capable of covering 200 km between sunrise and sunset. The randonneur discipline was born in France in 1904, in the gran fondo environment, by Henry Desgranges, who had created the Tour de France the previous year. Randonnées are defined in their rules by the Audax Club Parisien, a society also founded in 1904.

The Audax Club Parisien established the Brevets Randonneurs Français in 1921, consisting of certificates issued to athletes able to cover the distances specified in the various events, according to the relevant time tables. In 1976 the patents became Brevets Randonneurs Europeens, and later, in 1983, Brevets Randonneurs Mondiaux. Year after year the number of nations that have joined this formula has increased. In Italy, the forerunner of this discipline was, in 1998, the S.C. Coop. Valpellice of Campiglione Fenile, a small club from a small town at the foot of the Cottian Alps that was able to make an important contribution to the history of cycling in our country.

Since then, the spirito randagio has been able to involve thousands of enthusiasts throughout the country, thanks to a genuine sporting vision that fosters spontaneous aggregation among cyclists, without the nagging of stopwatch and rankings.

The main event of this kind is the Paris-Brest-Paris, which takes place over a route of more than 1,200 kilometers and gathers, every four years, participants from all over the world. The last edition saw nearly six thousand cyclists on the starting line.


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