L’Arena – Cycling section

Cycling page, article of 4 April 2022

Renzo Puliero, a well-known sports journalist, reports on TransAlp Rando 1200 and 600 in L’Arena, one of the city’s largest daily newspapers.

An article by Paola Speri on our Verona Garda gravel on Sunday, 27 March 2022. The randonnée with a gravel slant saw the participation of more than 280 white-road enthusiasts who spread out over the three routes of 75 km – designed for beginners, 130 km and also the challenging 220 km. On the other hand, the 600 km Extreme, Musseu’s latest crazy idea, proposed under date as the zero edition of a gravel bike packing in total autonomy, took place over several days: 25 participants, 14 finishers.


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