Faedo – Chiusa / Klausen

Km. 76




Bikeworld – negozio biciclette
Via Langrain, 5
39043 Chiusa / Klausen (BZ)

Opening Hours
From 3:30 to 16:30 on 25 May
The route in short
From the Bicigrill, we continue on the cycle path for about ten kilometres along the Adige and then take the turning to the left for Cortina / Kurtinig. After passing Lake Caldaro / Kalterer See (km 26), we first reach the village of the same name, Caldaro / Kaltern (km 31), then Appiano / Eppan (km 35) before descending to Bolzano / Bozen (km 47). We comfortably reach Ponte Gardena / Waidbruck (km 70), the stage ends in Klausen / Klausen (km 76).
Mainly on cycle paths, apart from a few short sections on secondary roads. Beware at the point where you leave the cycle path to Bolzano / Bozen, to turn off towards Cortina / Kurtinig (km 9.8). Passing through Cardano / Kardaun (km 50/51), the track is a little intricate.

The route may be subject to change. The final tracks will be sent 15 days after the event. The elevation data are automatically taken from the Outdooractive software.

Environment and Landscape
A quick, almost flat section again through vineyards and orchards, then a short climb up to the picturesque Lake Caldaro / Kalterer See first, and then to the village of the same name, in the area of the famous Wine Route / Weinstraße. We quickly descend along a short but charming cycle path on the old track of a disused railway. After smoothly passing through the city of Bolzano / Bozen, we enter the Isarco Valley / Eisacktal, again on a cycle path. First alongside the main road, then on a comfortable cycle path, also following the old track of a disused railway, which, in the initial, more recessed section, offers us beautiful illuminated tunnels. The landscape begins to become decidedly more mountainous, although vineyards and orchards still dominate. We cross Colma / Kollmann, pass Ponte Gardena / Waidbruck and soon reach the charming little village of Chiusa / Klausen.


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