Tai di Cadore – Feltre

Km. 87




Caserma Zannettelli
Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 104
32032 Feltre (BL)


Opening Hours
From 9:00 on 26 May to 19:00 on 28 May
The route in short
We are on the Lunga Via delle Dolomiti Cycle Path. And after the inebriating descent of the Cavallera we arrive at Perarolo di Cadore (km 8). We easily reach Ospitale di Cadore (km 17), and then, at the moment with some difficulty, Longarone (km 25). Now always on secondary roads, on the left bank of the river Piave, up to Soverzene (km 34). Returning to the right bank, we touch Ponte nelle Alpi / Polpet (km 39) and enter Belluno (km 46). The ups and downs begin on the hills: Ponte Mas (km 56), Santa Giustina (km 70), Cesi-omaggiore (km 75). Arrival in Feltre (km 87).
In Castellavazzo we find a problem that has not yet been resolved. Here, the cycle path destroyed by the Vaia storm of 2018 and the construction sites of the new road system for the Cortina Winter Olympics force us to wander through the traffic of the SS 51 up to Longarone.

The route may be subject to change. The final tracks will be sent 15 days after the event. The elevation data are automatically taken from the Outdooractive software.

Environment and Landscape
After a short stretch of cycle path we reach the old SS Alemagna, now completely free of traffic thanks to the new fast road system. Down the hairpin bends of the ancient Cavallera, until we touch the river Piave, in Perarolo di Cadore. In soft descent, we reach Longarone, with the looming skeleton of the Vajont dam, at its side. Once we have crossed the Piave and taken a pleasant minor road, we descend to Soverzene, with its enormous underground hydroelectric plant (until 1951, the largest in Europe!). We cross the Piave again and soon reach Ponte nelle Alpi and then Belluno. At this point, the route leaves the watercourses and skirts the slopes of the Belluno Dolomites, touching a myriad of characteristic villages. After Santa Giustina, we cross Cesiomaggiore; finally, in an easy descent, we reach Feltre.


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