Ljubljana (SLO) – Fusine (I)

Km. 106




Casa Alpina parrocchiale
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 37
33018 Fusine In Valromana (UD)


Opening Hours
From 12:30 on 25 May to 11:00 on 27 May
The route in short
After a relaxing break in Tivoli Park, we take the long straight road out of town, through traffic but on cycle paths, then minor roads and villages to Kranj (28 km). And so on until we cross Radovljica again (53 km), and reach Bled (59 km). Now the lonely Radovna valley takes us back to Mojstrana (km 84), and then on the nice, regular cycle path we first reach Kranjska Gora (km 97), then the state border and, with a short diversion on the SS54, the check-point and refreshment point (km 105).
Beware of urban traffic on the way out of Ljubljana. From km 37 to km 38, after Spodnje Duplje, at the height of the motorway subway, there are three large, metal, diagonal, dangerous drains on the road.

The route may be subject to change. The final tracks will be sent 15 days after the event. The elevation data are automatically taken from the Outdooractive software.

Environment and Landscape
We return by the same route. But as cyclists know perfectly well, outward and return are never visually and emotionally the same route. In the case of a randonnée, then, the time of the ride will probably also help us feel new. So, having left Ljubljana, we return to the Sava valley, now slightly uphill. And the little ups and downs we met on the way up? They are all still there waiting for us; in the opposite direction of course! We still skirt the southern shore of Lake Bled what a great opportunity to enjoy the view of Blejski otok island, inhabited since ancient times, now adorned by the medieval Church of the Assumption of Mary, rebuilt in Baroque style. A few uphill stretches lead us into the lonely Radovna valley, and after the short 18% ramp, we descend rapidly to Mojstrana. Then up to Kranjska Gora and, in short, to the stage post.


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