Fusine (I) – Ljubljana (SLO)

Km. 106




Mini Cafe Golf
Celovška cesta, 25. Tivoli Park
1000 Ljubljana (SLOVENJA)


Opening Hours
From 16:30 on 25 May to 1:00 on 27 May
The route in short
Back on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path, we briefly retrace our steps and cross the Italy/Slovenia state border (1 km). Now the road changes gradient and we comfortably enter Kranjska Gora (8 km), and then quickly descend to Mojstrana (22 km). A good climb awaits us and then down through the Radovna Valley to Kernica (38 km) and down to beautiful Lake Bled (42 km). On secondary roads, we immediately reach Radovljica (53 km), then several other small towns. After a long ride along the main road, we pass through Kranj (78 km), to close the stage, after passing through several other small towns, in Ljubljana (108 km): we have finally reached the 600-km mark! After the customary photos at the beautiful Prešeren Square with its triple pedestrian bridge and castle in the background, we head to Tivoli Park. Here inside the park, in a shady and quiet area, is our checkpoint at the Mini Cafe Golf.
Beware of three large diagonal metal drains on the road before the motorway subway near Spodnje Duplje (km 68). Maximum attention must be paid to urban traffic when entering Ljubljana.

The route may be subject to change. The final tracks will be sent 15 days after the event. The elevation data are automatically taken from the Outdooractive software.

Environment and Landscape
The first part of this stage presents unique points of beauty and fascination. Two above all: the fairytale Radovna Valley and the deep blue mirror of Blejsko Jezero / Lake Bled. If we don’t make it by day in the light, we will be forced to return! We take the Alpe Adria Cycle Path again and enter Slovenia, near the beautiful tourist village of Kranjska Gora. We enter Mojstrana, and after a short stretch of real ascent and a rapid descent, we plunge into the enchanted Radovna Valley, where the crystal-clear waters of the watercourse give off magical reflections. Having reached Kernica, we descend to Lake Bled. The valley becomes progressively wider. And after a few small villages and several ups and downs, we encounter the large industrial centre of Kranj, with its well-preserved medieval town centre. Still following the Sava River, we pass the suburbs of Ljubljana to enter the beautiful historical centre of the Slovenian capital thanks to a providential bicycle path.


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