Oberdrauburg (A) – Fusine (I)

Km. 98




Casa Alpina parrocchiale
Via Giuseppe Verdi, 37
33018 Fusine In Valromana (UD)


Opening Hours
From 12:30 on 25 May to 11:00 on 27 May
The route in short
From Oberdrauburg we have to return to the right side of the Drau, going back over the car bridge we have just crossed. A well-designed ascent to the Gailbergsattel along the busy B110 awaits us, followed by a beautiful descent, which soon takes us to Kötschach-Mauten in the Gailtal Valley (14 km). After Tropolach (39 km), and a couple of km on the busy B111, we pass Watschig (km 42), Möderndorf (km 47), Egg (km 50) and Görtschach (km 57). Then we reach Vorderberg, touch Nötsch (km 72), and finally pass through Feistritz an der Gail (km 74), to begin the climb towards the Italian state border, now on the Alpe Adria Cycle Path. Before entering Tarvisio, we take a left turn indicating Slovenia (km 88). A few kilometres from the border, taking the SS54, we reach the stage destination (km 98).
Caution. The section of the route from Oberdrauburg to Kötschach-Mauten is on the busy B110. On average, Austrian drivers are very respectful, but we have to be very careful. Likewise on the very short stretch of the B111. Beware of the sudden diversion near Watschig: we have to go back to the right of the Gail River, either via a cemented road that leads directly to the bridge (next to a bus stop), or by turning left to turn under the main road.

The route may be subject to change. The final tracks will be sent 15 days after the event. The elevation data are automatically taken from the Outdooractive software.

Environment and Landscape
From Oberdrauburg, an ascent up to the Gailbergsattel along the busy B110 awaits us, followed by a beautiful descent that soon takes us to Kötschach-Mauten in the Gailtal, here a wide and pleasant valley. On cycle paths and side roads, we arrive in Tropolach. Then we must briefly pass over the busier B111. We continue zigzagging between the two banks of the Gail (watch out for the diversion near Watschig) in search of the most pleasant road that will take us towards the state border. We take the Alpe Adria Cycle Path, and just before entering Tarvisio, we turn off towards the Slovenian state border. We pedal along a splendid cycle path, a former railway track. Almost at the border, we turn onto the SS54 to reach the cosy refreshment facility.


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